Celebrations, meetings, camps as well as accommodation

Finland, Janakkala, Willa Goos, family celebrations, meetings, venue for camps, accomodation
Guesthouse Willa Göös
Janakkala, Tavastia, weddings, christenings, family celebrations, birthday parties, memorials
Southern Finland, silence retreat, nature, peace, unique
Guesthouse yard

In Rehakka, Janakkala, 9 km from Tervakoski

Located near Lake Haapajärvi, the local nature and silence provide an excellent setting for a variety of events from family celebrations to meetings as well as training events and art camps.

One of our unique features is our chapel which is available for weddings, christenings and memorial services as well as silent retreats, for example.

When you reserve the Willa Göös accommodation and professional kitchen, there will be no other guests on the premises surrounded by a forest. You can either arrange your own meals or order them, for example, from a local service provider.

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